Cooking Competition

Welcome to the BIC Cooking Challenge

Three teams of improbable chefs are going to cook one of the recipes dishes that will be served at the Yachting Club evening dinner according to the menu agreed with Prof. Antonio De Rosa, Chef and promoter of Mediterranean food gourmet cuisine.

Each dish will be served at the BIC Scientific Committee  table in addition to the regular menu.

The Scientific Committee will peer-review the original interpretation of the recipe by each team and will assess it for taste, originality, presentation, and ultimately for comparison with the Chef’s dish.

The improbable chefs task is to cook the assigned recipe from scratch starting from …  shopping.  The competitors will be accompanied to the local food market at 7 am in the morning with a list of ingredients for their dish as agreed with Chef De Rosa. Additions or changes to the food list and to the recipe are possible… at their own risk!

At noon the teams  will join the restaurant staff  in a dedicated kitchen  and will start preparing the  recipe with the help of Chef De Rosa.

At 8pm  the teams will be able to finish their recipe in the kitchen of the Yachting Club. Their dish will be served at the Scientific Committee table in addition to the regular dish prepared by the restaurant.

The SC will  make a  “blind peer-review“ to assess the prepared dish for  taste, originality, presentation and ultimately comparison with the dish of Prof. De Rosa, chef and promoter of the Mediterranean food gourmet cuisine.


You have to cook the dish you have been assigned.

You can make variations … at your own risk.

You should NOT boycott the other teams.  (or at least do not get caught!)

You can be helped by the restaurant staff if you are in trouble.  Staff support will be equal to all.

Difficulty in preparation may obtain additional points at Chef De Rosa’s discretion.

The score is assigned with blind-peer review. You should NOT be identified before the judgment has been made public.